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Let me be your favorite fraud and lie to you
with tales of love. Let me whisper secrets
in your ear, things that aren't real. I need to
create beautiful fiction with you tonight...

I don't want to need anymore. Its better to
be alone sometimes but then I have
nothing to bring me down from here. From
all these over written sentences with no
meaning. From the never ending
conversations with myself. It's just that
sometimes it's better if someone else
reminds you the things you see in the dark
aren't really there. It's better when someone
else's hand wipe the tears off your cheeks.
I'm an emotional whore filled with
yesterday's baggage. Nothing more then a
fading face in someone else's memory.
Secretly scared of a god I don't believe in
and a hell that doesn't exist. I rearrange it
all and end up saying the same thing every
single time. I always do it willingly
knowing the next day he'll be a mirror for
my failure as a person. So please let me
love you tonight because I'll probably hate
you by morning.
Change your heart
loook around you
Change your heart
it will astound you
I need your loving
like the sunshine :sing:
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Submitted on
June 18, 2011
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